First blog post

My very first blog post… How… Scary? Exciting?

I guess it’s scary because this is how readers will define my blog. I guess it’s also exciting because I can share my thoughts on things in an environment that I can control.

I am an undergraduate student studying at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. I am finishing up a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing.

This blog will mostly be focused on digital marketing – that is, how it has changed our internet world, what it entails and what it could bring us. However, it will also explore trends, failures, and annoying videos on social media.

Why the name The Ugly Duckling? Well, I’ve used this name for my Tumblr for a while… but also I reckon it represents myself pretty well. I am an ugly duckling until one day, after I’ve figured out who I am (how cliche), I become a beautiful swan.

I hope to explore a lot more about the marketing universe and hope that you (reader) will find it as interesting as I do.


One thought on “First blog post

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