Where do you want to go eat?

This question gets asked more than we think it does. Every single couple, group of friends or even first dates will experience this dreadful question.

The possible answers are in a constant battle of “I don’t know” or “You choose” or “I’m happy with anything” – even though you low-key want to go to that Mexican place with the soft tacos.

where do you want to go eat

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You see… Most of the time, it’s difficult to pick a place to eat because you may not know where to even begin looking. I personally like to use Instagram or Zomato to grab ideas.

With social media growing rapidly, we are all equipped with apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr etc. These platforms have become the greatest weapons a business will use in order to draw you into buying their products or using their service.

Well, here’s the game changer. Not only are they going to convince you to buy unnecessary products and services, but they’re also going to tell you where you should go eat too.


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Hootsuite, a social media management platform, discovered that 71% of customers base their purchasing decisions from what they find out on social media. Apparently, using Instagram can grow a business’ audience by up to ten times.

Now, we all know how Instagram runs nowadays. It is full of social media influencers who will showcase their make up skills, beautiful athletic bodies or aesthetically pleasing homes to draw in consumers. Instagram has basically become the home-ground of using the hashtag “goals” and seeing the comment “omg want”.

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So, it makes sense that now restaurants, bars, and hotels are leveraging these influencers to draw attention to their established businesses. “Hotels, bars, and restaurants are tagged every 28 seconds on Instagram”, says Hootsuite.

And I guess at this point you’re probably wondering, “What does this all mean?”

Basically, it means that as a consumer we are changing the way we make decisions. We are moving away from research, hardcore evidence and our own experiences. As social media rises, consumers are looking at follower count, amount of likes, positive/negative comments and reviews, how often it’s shared, and even who the influencer is.

Social media has given us (consumers) the ability to jump onto any band-wagon even if it’s “all show, no result”, as long as there are lots of followers, likes, and shares.


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If you’re a business entering into social media, here’s some advice:

  • Be social – What I mean by this is, actively post photos, videos, and read and respond to comments from customers.
  • Choose your platform carefully – You don’t want to be stuck with a platform that consumers don’t use or can’t all access.
  • Plan, plan, plan – There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing an amazing flat-lay of brunch and seeing a spelling mistake in the description.
  • Be consistent – Ensure that your activity aligns with what your business is about.
  • Prepare to spend money, time & energy – There’s a 24/7 expectation from customers who will want to be endlessly entertained.
  • Keep it simple & easy to understand – You don’t want something complicated that causes confusion in your customers.

So, the next time you hear or ask the question “Where do you want to go eat?” be sure to check out what the latest hype is.

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16 thoughts on “Where do you want to go eat?

  1. Great post!! I can certainly relate to using zomato to find somewhere to eat. Its a great tool particularly if you dont know certain areas well enough to know whats good. Whats even more amazing is having deliveroo and ubereats around to present you glorious meals at your doorstep for a reasonable price. Love these lazy days. Cant wait to read your next post!!!!


  2. Oh my goodness this post gives my life!! Hahahah so relatable, from the moment I read “I’m happy with anything”!! A very informative piece and am undoubtedly looking forward to the next one. Ps. As an avid Pixar fan, I greatly appreciate the meme. xoxo


  3. Definitely agree with this! I always wonder how much $ large social media influencers are receiving for social posts promoting a brands products – And what % of cafes/restaurants/retailers tagged actually paid for this promotion, or whether it was organic. Definitely a good industry to be in.. Give or take a few thousand (or million) followers.


    1. It’s crazy to think that with just one photo a person takes and uploads on Instagram they could make up to $10k! I heard that companies are looking for Instagrams with 1k to 10k follow count to become influencers!


  4. I totally agree with your thoughts about how people nowadays just heavily rely on instagram or zomato, because that’s just what I did as well when I don’t know where to go for desserts! It is also important that your advise for business includes choosing platforms that can be easily access by all kinds of customers.


  5. So true! If anything these apps have made it more difficult rather than easier! But they are great for learning about new places. Mr Miyagi and Chin Chin are two amazing places I went lately purely based on what I’ve seen about them on social media!


  6. The question where do you want to eat is probably the worst thing to ask, seeing as everyone I know is ridiculously indecisive. I would love to take charge and say pick a place, but unfortunately, my taste doesn’t always please everyone. You do make a great point on the ever growing influence social media has on our decisions and how firms are using it as advertising to reach people from all ways of life, its essentially the new form of the somewhat redundant tv ad.


  7. This could not be any more accurate! So many of my friends check out the hash tagged pictures on instagram before choosing to eat there. It’s such a powerful tool these days! Great post!


    1. Thank you! I know I definitely love the location appeal on Instagram as well. Not only can you see what you could be eating but you can click on the location see how far away it is from you!


  8. Really interesting aspect on the influence of social media. Whilst I do agree it does influence us in making decision, I think its important to strike a balance between doing research and looking at the popularity of posts rather than looking more toward the latter. I also agree that businesses utilising social media properly can increase their customer base since we live in such a technological age. Cool bloggggg!


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