I really like memes

I couldn’t sleep the other night and was scrolling through Tumblr and noticed that everything I was reblogging and liking was a meme.

I don’t think I need to provide a definition for what a meme is. But for the off chance that there is a reader who is unfamiliar with the term, a meme is a funny image, video or phrase that is spread across the internet due to it’s ability to humour people.

kermit kermit

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There’s just something about memes that are extremely funny but also super simple at the same time. It’s amazing how connected we all feel with each other based on a photo, video or even just a phrase. It has definitely become a norm in our society. With such large platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc it is difficult to go a day without actually seeing a meme.

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So, what implications does this mean for a digital marketer?

Well I guess it means that the internet has a place for humour. As marketers, we can use this to our advantage as consumers feel connected when they share similar humour.

A lot of businesses that use social media, have begun using memes in their everyday updates. For example, Popcherry, an online clothing store, has been using a lot of memes to connect with its target audience. Their target audience is young females so most of their memes are female related.

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Obviously for Popcherry, using memes on their social media is working in their favour. It engages consumers to look at the meme and then take a look at their brand. It demonstrates to consumers that Popcherry knows what they want and can deliver it.

However, not all brands reel in the likes. Some brands actually reel in hate instead. There are a lot of brands that are trying to use memes to communicate with its consumers but don’t use it properly or effectively that it reels in a lot of negative attention.

Yes, it’s nice that brands are incorporating memes into their advertising but it needs to be done right. There is a right and wrong way to use memes and slang. If used correctly, it draws in consumers like free food. If used incorrectly, you’ll get shamed like Cersei in Game of Thrones.

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What do you think? Do you like when brands use memes? Or would you prefer it stay amongst us consumers and let it naturally become popular?

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12 thoughts on “I really like memes

  1. To be honest I do like it when brands use memes, but only if it atleast is relateable to their product or service. Otherwise it’s sort of misleading to people on Facebook. There are pages which exists purely for memes and unless those brands post them sparingly and avoid spam, then I guess it would be a great thing for exposure

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  2. Really agree on this. I would like it too if the businesses use memes, it makes them feel more “human” and not an unreachable organisations behind a huge invisible wall. I think it’s really nice if brands apply more memes into their products, but not to all of them, maybe just some meme-worthy ones.

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  3. I love it when brands use memes. I follow Popcherry, and I love the things they post. I always have a auth to myself. I think it makes me more inclined to shop there. I completely agree though, the things they post have to be relevant or else it’s a major turn off!

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  4. Good post! It’s interesting that brands are using memes to increase humanity to engage with people, like what you mentioned, people will probably click into it and see what’s up in the brand’s page. But it will go the other way round if they are spamming memes, or the memes that they are posting are getting irrelevant to our daily lives, which I will just unfollow the brand (I’ll label it as ‘spam’ in my news feed!) haha

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  5. I personally like brands using memes. It shows that they are update with what is current and ilustrates the contemporary world. However when photos, vids or phrases are not related to the brand, it makes you think the opposite. Oh they’re trying too hard…
    With my friendship groups, we often tag each other on memes via facebook. Its particular funny when the meme is related to something we said that day. It’s like they made it just for us 😀

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  6. It’s like a yes or no for me, it really depends on how brands use memes. I would be attracted to the brand and wanted to find out more about that brand if the meme is funny enough or it make sense. But some other brands just don’t use memes in the right way, and result in negative outcome. By the way I really like memes as well!

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  7. I cringe every time a company/ brand tries to use a meme, they either get it completely wrong or it’s just not funny. I can barely think of one brand that’s used a meme well except for maybe that one time when Nickelodeon used the spongebob meme to good effect. It can definitely bring in younger audiences if companies can use meme’s effectively, but it often comes off as them trying too hard to be hip, cool and relevant. But now that the younger generations are getting into the workforce the meme’s posted by companies on twitter or where ever is bound to get better.

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    1. These might be old but Rita Ora messed up when she “supposedly” sent out a tweet saying she’ll release her new song if she gets a certain amount of retweets and when it didn’t she had to take it down haha. Donald Trump is also terrible on social media! Victoria Secret tried to start a campaign about how every woman should love their body by only using their models, which caused a lot of women to get upset. These are just a few!


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