The internet is forever

An Instagram famous model Lily MayMac has gotten the spotlight on social media for the wrong reasons. The model has over 3 million followers on Instagram and over 50k followers on Twitter.

Fans have been searching through her Twitter and found old posts where she shamed “short old asian men” and a photo she posted with the hashtag “white power”.

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Lily has received a lot of negative attention, even though the tweets have been deleted. Fans and people have been commenting on the issue saying that she will be “blacklisted” and accusing her of having “white fever”.

So, what does this have to do with marketing?

Well, it’s relevant to marketing because as the title of this blog posts states… The internet is forever. Anyone can backtrack anything on the internet from all the ugly selfies you’ve posted, embarrassing videos or mean messages you’ve sent/received. There is no hiding once it’s up on the internet. It’s a shame that our privacy can’t be kept intact, however being a brand you would have to take care of your brand image.

According to Employment Screening Australia, Australians spend approximately 22 hours on social media every week. As social media becomes important to stay in contact with each other, employers are becoming interested in our personal lives to see what type of person we are outside of the workplace. In terms of conducting social media checks, employers are legally allowed to look at criminal history, experience and qualifications, reference checks, and social media presence.

So, if it’s this important for an employer to search and get to know a future employee, imagine what it’d be like to search for a brand as a consumer?

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As a consumer, I know I like to Google new brands before buying from them to understand their business and read reviews. Now, imagine if you’re searching up a new brand and negative headlines start to pop up. That would turn you away from purchasing anything from them right? Or, imagine you’ve been a loyal customer to a certain brand and then find out that the brand doesn’t support the same values/beliefs that you do?

Now do you understand what I mean by the internet is forever? If a brand doesn’t take care of it’s brand image and lets it’s past mistakes (that they haven’t apologised for or fixed) come to surface, consumers may become filled with rage and put the brand in a negative light.

The same way as what has happened to Lily. Her past posts resurfaced and consumers are now judging her for her previous posts, even though they may have occurred years ago. In our society, with smart phones and available wifi everywhere, it’s easy for consumers to snap a photo or record a video about a brand. And unfortunately for the brand, it may go viral and damage the brand image.

It’s important to look after your brand image, especially digitally.

Do you think Lily deserves the treatment she’s currently getting? How do you think brands can do to fix their mistakes? What can marketers do to help past mistakes?

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